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The representation of heroism on screens, and the ways we make sense of heroic imagery across them, is the theme of this special issue of Heroism Science. Each article makes the case that our comprehension of heroism can only be augmented and enhanced by the film, the television series, the video game, the news broadcast, the phone camera and the social media stream, all of them on screens that are silver, small and smart. The articles demonstrate how the screen’s ability to display, represent, convey, conjure and critique heroic moments. Moreover, this special issue shows how fictional heroism as a guiding principle has much in common with the guidance of the fictional utopia. We use both concepts as aspects to strive for socially, culturally, technologically, and diplomatically. Our understanding and our seeking the best possible course for humanity is aided and informed by the way we use fiction to metaphorically assess how that course can be undertaken.





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