About Heroism Science

Heroism Science is a peer-refereed open source research journal that aims to promote global connections in heroism science theory, research and application, and the appreciation of heroism from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives, to researchers and the broader community. Contributions from all disciplines are welcome, and cross-disciplinary work, student contributions, and non-Western perspectives are especially welcome. Heroism Science is the official journal of the Heroic Imagination Project.

The field of heroism science is less than two decades old. Since the year 2000, psychological research on optimal human functioning has burgeoned. Scholars have shown a new (or renewed) interest in topics such as morality, cooperation, altruism, wisdom, meaning, purpose, resilience, hope, flow, human growth, courage, empathy, spirituality, health, public service, self-control, emotional intelligence, and character strengths. The past decade especially has witnessed a surge in research on two types of exceptional individuals who best exemplify these positive qualities: heroes and heroic leaders.

Heroism science is a nascent multiple disciplinary field which seeks to reconceptualise heroism, the hero’s journey and heroic leadership in the 21st century through a close examination of the origins, types and processes of these inter-related phenomena. With the use of a mix of traditional and cutting-edge epistemological and methodological frameworks, and their application in a wide variety of settings (e.g. pedagogy, crisis management, healthcare, counselling, workforce, community development, popular media, online activism, human rights, international relations, digital humanities), heroism science is part of a broader movement which aims to foster holistic well-being, promote heroic awareness and action, civic responsibility and engagement, and build resilient individuals and communities in the face of increasingly complex social landscapes (Efthimiou & Allison, 2017).

To learn more about heroism science, please visit the heroism science online research website maintained by Olivia Efthimiou.