Editor-in-Chief: Scott T. Allison, University of Richmond, USA
Associate Editor: Elaine L. Kinsella, University of Limerick, Ireland
Production Editor: Smaragda P. Spyrou, University of Richmond, USA

Heroism Science is a peer-reviewed open source research journal that aims to advance heroism science theory, research, and application from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives to researchers and the broader community. Contributions from all disciplines are welcome, and cross-disciplinary work, student contributions, non-Western perspectives, and approaches that address racial, ethnic and gender disparities and issues are especially welcome. Heroism Science is the official journal of the Heroic Imagination Project.

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Understanding Why Some Whistleblowers are Venerated and Others Vilified
Christopher D. E. Atkinson, Eric D. Wesselmann, and Daniel G. Lannin