As the title indicates, this well-illustrated (115 photographs and 76 illustrations) book summarizes the current knowledge about the natural history of the 16 species of Eleutherodactylus inhabiting Puerto Rico. The book consists of eight chapters (including the epilogue) and it is clearly stated that it was written to serve both the scientific community and the nonspecialist reader. The goal of bridging these two audiences is ambitious and usually difficult; however, the book has probably accomplished this goal. The technical reader, i.e., students and professional herpetologists, will find a good summary of data and enough information to continue reading with interest. On the other hand, the nonspecialist reader will not be overwhelmed with technicalities and terminology beyond their reach. Indeed, it is the clear writing for a general audience that gives this book strength; furthermore, this will make the book a good general reference. The latter is important because this anticipated wide use could influence, for years to come, the general public and their approach to the island's environmental and conservation problems.

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