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“You thought you found us by internet searches, word of mouth, pre law advisor’s suggestion, visiting us on line or in person, or other means, however I want to remind you that I also travelled 32,678 miles to find, and recruit you to this law school. From across this great country, from California to Massachusetts, big cities and rural towns, you’ve come to us from 26 states, Korea and 2 of you from Canada. Several of you grew up in very rural Virginia, some on farms and some in big cities. More than half of this class is from out of state – 53% to be exact.”

“Wouldn’t you like to meet the fellow among you who was the technical artist responsible for devising and implementing the custom facial rigging system used in the film “I am Legend”? Just so you know – he was responsible for developing the mechanics that create the muscle and skin movements of a character’s face, such as blinks, lip rolls, and cheek puffs. Or the person who researched the implications the Farm Bill has on childhood obesity? How about the woman in your class who served as an editor for Bloomberg News and the Associated Press as well as having spent two decades as a journalist in the US and Asia? I know the SBA will be anxious to know who was the designer and technical director for “haunted planetarium” and I want to get to know the 1L student who authored a portion of an Alzheimer’s Bill which was introduced in the Senate.”