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“Each of you – the 147 who make up the Class of 2013 – has a unique story. Each of you is sitting here because of the faith of the faculty that you “measure up” to those who have gone before you. We know that each of you is fully capable of being a star in life, in your law school and in the profession.”

“Translating in a law firm for Chinese and French-speaking clients occupied the time of one of your classmates and one of you worked as a carpenter for 10 years. Perhaps you could find out who in your class has been employed as an electrical engineer working on an avionics design team for the first test flight for the Constellation program, a launch system for human space flight being developed to replace the aging Space Shuttle fleet. Or, look for the classmate who has sailed aboard various vessels including an oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico, container ships to Asia and Alaska as well as a research vessel operating off the coasts of Australia and Guam. One of your classmates, who has a US Coast Guard License for unlimited tonnage, oversaw new construction of oil rigs and conducted hull and machinery surveys on supply boats, dredges and oil rigs in Texas and Singapore.”