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“Did you know that 2 students in your class have been members of school boards? One has been a juvenile corrections officer and another woman has been a narcotics strike officer. A woman in your class was the co-founder of the Carolina Civil Liberties Union and another has conducted considerable research in gender equality in Arab Muslim society. Another in your class has assisted in the recovery, restoration and republishing of Yiddish books and yet another has constructed age-enhanced images of abducted children which appeared on backs of milk cartons and national TV programs such as 'America's Most Wanted.' Do you want to get information on jury composition and the demographic dynamics of the judicial system? One of your classmates has researched this. You must meet the man in your class who has been employed as an interpreter of English, Korean and Japanese for the Commander in Chief of the Korean Fleet!”

“And so it goes - 166 different stories and 166 different factoids as they're sometimes called around here. But, half the fun is getting to know those who are going to become your life long friends.”