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“You are a curious and well-travelled group having been on every continent on mission trips, studying abroad or satisfying your curiosity by getting out and seeing the world. One of you wrote, ‘Home is never more than a packed suitcase away in the life of an adventurer. The adventure is worth the risk.’ You don’t let grass grow under your feet - you have studied in England, France, Saudi Arabia, China, and virtually every corner of the globe. As a group, you speak an astounding 25 different languages: Turkish, Farsi, Japanese, Shanghainese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Tagalog, Urdu, Italian, Mandarin, Uzbek, Pushto, German, Greek, Dari, Persian, Hindi, Gujarati and Polish. One of you tells us she possesses what she calls a ‘very distinct Jersey-Bostonian-Texas accent.’”

“I love the grit I see in your personalities – a great predictor of success. One of you worked as a belly dancer. Another delivered pizza for an establishment called, ‘Sexy Pizza’ – hmm. One of you developed an online consignment store and one of you developed and implemented a plan to successfully remove all equipment and soldiers from Kunar Province, receiving a bronze star in the process. Several of you worked construction, grew up and worked on farms and several of you were employed as ranch hands.”