As we struggle to understand and prepare ourselves for climate change, the effects of globalized neoliberal capitalism, and violence (both govenmental and extra-governmental) on a planetary scale, we also struggle to name what it is that we cherish and hope to foster and protect as well as what it is that, of itself opposes the forces that may well destroy us. One of the words that has emerged in this context is life.

Philosophers do well to pay close attention to any concept that attains such centrality and exercises such power in our thinking, which is one reason to be grateful for the thinking collected in Feminist Philosophies of Life and for the editorial work that brought it together. The collection could not be more timely. Yet it is also puzzling, prodding a reader to wonder: What is it that brings these very different essays together? they all speak of life, but when they do so, do they speak of the same thing?

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