The Spider - 1897

The Spider - 1897

Richmond, University of Richmond


DEDICATION - To the learned lapidaries—the Faculty of Richmond College—who, -shaping the diamond in the rough, have oft cut deeply, yet never -failed to carve an intellectual jewel from the dull, dead stone . . .

PREFACE - It is with a feeling of trepidation, bordering almost on terror, that THE SPIDER, strengthened by the vernal sun, crawls forth to face the critical public. He quivers beneath the burden of his responsibility, for he is the precursor of a race of insects that hope to appear annually, clothed each year in a brighter garb. His very name is the symbol of industry and conscientious effort, but his enemies are legion. There are many, who, forgetful that the fairy fabric of his home is toilsomely spun from his very bowels, would crush him at the outset. To the literary entomologist THE SPIDER appeals for succor and indulgence, and to each and every one whose gaze he meets, he offers the allurements of that famed parlor wrought by perseverance and fashioned by industrious effort.

"He prayeth well who loveth well, Both man, and BUG, and beast; He prayeth best who lovest best All things, both great and small."