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Greeting: To all whose kindly eye may scan these lines, To you be joyful greeting; For here one finds the pith of our designs, Frats, classes, clubs, elevens and nines, Have had a happy meeting.

We pray thee read this volume that we bring, Thy sympathy entreating; For as in spring the feathered songsters sing. With joyous thrilling note and cheerful ring, So give we you our greeting.

The years and days eternal barriers rear, For years and days are fleeting; But the hope and fear, the smiler and tear, And all the life of this ninety-ninth year, We love to keep repeating.

Dedication: To you, the Class of Ninety-nine, leaving our friendly halls to encounter the difficulties and hardships of life, with the sincere hope that your lines may be in pleasant places, that your successes may be many, your failures few, is this volume affectionately dedicated.

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The Students of Richmond College [University of Richmond]


Richmond, Virginia


Yearbook, University of Richmond, Students, UR, Spiders, Richmond College

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The Spider - vol. 3, 1899