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To: The artists of the Annual who have used so well the pen, the brush, and crayon; who receiving but a moiety of love, and less of lucre, have bound a thousand hearts in the spinnings of the "Spider."

To: Evan B. Chesterman, Thos. T. Duke, Allan D. Jones, This book is affectionately dedicated.

Preface: Tearing himself from the silky fabric of his winter's filmy web, the "Spider" enters upon the year-book stage and makes his serio-comic bow.

'Tis good, we feel, at this annual season for during the little actor to mimic the faces and movements of our fellows, and on these bending slabs of ivory, to record the happy life of one college year.

To reveal our hidden selves; to laugh at the funny things we do; to thrust with a buttoned foil, and thus show our idle freaks and fancies, is the "Spider's" part to enact.

Should his grimace prove unwelcome, should his venom sting and burn, we pray that you remember he is but a "creature of the dust" and subject to the same mistakes as men.

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The Students of Richmond College [University of Richmond]


Richmond, Virginia


Yearbook, University of Richmond, Students, UR, Spiders, Richmond College

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The Spider - vol. 4, 1900