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DEDICATION: TO THE ALUMNI: Scattered in many lands; bound by a common love for Alma Mater; champions of sound learning; our exemplars in scholarship; our inspiration in manliness and civil virtue ; to you who have made the name of Richmond College illustrious, this Volume is respectfully dedicated.

PREFACE: Spring, the season of resurrection and returning life, brings with its budding blossoms and blooming flowers the revivified form of the Richmond College SPIDER.

This mythical insect, for months dormant beneath the chilling influences of Winter's frosts, now awakes to again proclaim to the world the doings and achievements of those who toil in the educational web of the institution which he represents.

The SPIDER, though symbolical of industry and patient labor, assumes not to be a stern­ visaged creature devoid of frivolity, and in his retrospective musings of the past few months he recalls many pleasing incidents which have made merry the lives of himself and his companions.

He herein presents the second chapter of the little history which one year ago he began with so many doubts, and if there be in it aught that fails to please, he begs that it may be laid aside for another twelve-­month, with a promise for better things in that which is continued in our next.

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The Students of Richmond College [University of Richmond]


Richmond, Virginia


Yearbook, University of Richmond, Students, UR, Spiders, Richmond College

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The Spider - vol. 2, 1898