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(Course: Longevity and Happiness)


Our Sophomore Scholars in Residence class, Longevity and Happiness, made a quilt for its capstone project. Each member of the class (15 students, 1 faculty) designed and then sewed together a 12 x 12 inch square, based on a particular person or theme from the course. Most of the squares depict the lives of individuals we met and interviewed over the year, including several from Canada, where we traveled for fall break to interview the exceptionally long-lived individuals in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. We also interviewed several individuals from Richmond, VA. Throughout the spring semester, we learned and practiced our sewing skills, bought fabric, visited quilting stores, and finally stitched together the squares to batting and backing to create our capstone quilt for its presentation as part of the 2018 Arts & Sciences Student Symposium. The quilt traveled to Nova Scotia in June 2018 as part of a Summer Research Fellowship project awarded to SSIR students Elizabeth Cooper, Mallory Haskins, and Peter Kade. These students returned to Lunenburg to conduct follow-up research based on their coursework in Longevity and Happiness, and shared the quilt with some of our interviewees from the trip to Nova Scotia in October 2018. The quilt will hang in Richmond Hall, Department of Psychology, University of Richmond.

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