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Master of Nonprofit Studies

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Abbi Haggerty


Non-Profit organizations must find ways to divide their budgets between staff wages and program services, as well as paying their staff a living wage. Unlike for-profits who can increase prices for consumers when they need to increase staff wages, non-profits do not have this luxury. The goal of this project was to collect data on how non-profits manage their budgets and if they provide staff with living wages. A survey was sent out with a total of eight responses, giving a breakdown of various non-profit’s budgets and if they pay a living wage. Overall, seven out of eight non-profits pay their staff a living wage, however despite this multiple organizations are struggling with staff turnover and hiring new employees. Non-profits may need to do more than pay a living wage in order to keep staff, and hire quality employees. Based on this survey total compensation packages may be a better way to evaluate non-profit pay instead of wages, because the most of the non-profits reported paying above a living wage, but still reported struggling with keeping staff.