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Master of Nonprofit Studies

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Abbi Haggerty


This study seeks a more comprehensive understanding of the importance of volunteer impact reporting. Volunteers serve as an essential and inspirational resource to nonprofits. They also assist organizations in a variety of ways that touch lives, build philanthropy and help to sustain a legacy. So, how can nonprofits recognize the value of a volunteer program? This study will examine existing literature’s best practices and methods of reporting volunteer impact, the challenges facing impact reporting and the benefits obtained when an organization communicates to all stakeholders about volunteer impact. Specifically, the study interviews local healthcare nonprofit volunteer directors to ascertain how volunteer impact reporting is being utilized and shared across an organization. The findings detail the types of data being measured and tracked, how impact data is reported and to whom, and lastly, in what ways volunteer impact is communicated. The overall objective of the study was to determine how volunteer impact directly influences outcomes for an organization.