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Master of Nonprofit Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Abbi Leinwand Haggerty


This study examines explicit attitudes and implicit biases that are learned and perpetuated against Black women of transgender experience. These behaviors and beliefs contribute to broader impacts around policy support and community safety. Long-term discrimination against Black women of transgender experience create various disadvantages in social, educational, and economic arenas. The primary research question will explore the ways in which personal and external experiences influence how society responds to Black transgender women. An additional research tool, which will involve qualitative and quantitative data sampling, this researcher will explore the experiences, attitudes and perceived behaviors of both Black transgender women and a mixture of community members with various roles in government, community organizations, and nonprofits. This study will begin its focus on how public opinion on Black transgender women presents based on human experiences, television and media presentations, public office representation, and policy creation that impact beliefs and behaviors. There is some scholarly research already contributing to this topic by finding that implicit bias and explicit attitudes do play significant roles in how society responds to Black transgender women through various racist and sexist structures. There are however, some gaps in the areas of effective interventions that increase visibility and disruption of the root causes of hetero and cis-normative white supremacy. This work contributes to previous conclusions about the impacts of long-held structural sexism, racism, and transphobia being major contributors to the challenges faced by and health disparities among Black women of transgender experience.