An Empirical Study of Post-Production Software Code Quality When Employing the Agile Rapid Delivery Methodology.


In response to the business need to adopt a faster delivery model to enable them to stay ahead in the marketplace, organizations implementing Agile practices expect to deliver projects faster and with higher quality. Widespread assumptions of increased code quality for software implementations using Agile require empirical investigation. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate software delivery with an emphasis on the quality of the software code. The outcome of this research will assist business leaders with making informed decisions on selecting a successful project methodology. While numerous factors can impact project delivery, this case study of DigiTek LLC evaluates their software development project teams’ software delivery hours to the number of defects encountered during development and after implementation to production. Teams using the traditional Waterfall methodology had slightly higher production code quality when compared to teams using the Agile methodology across similar software development products. Companies planning to adopt Agile should evaluate the impacts to code quality and consider other factors as part of the decision to transition.

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