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This case was prepared from various referenced sources and was developed solely for classroom discussion; the case is not intended to serve as an endorsement, source of primary data or an illustration of either effective or ineffective handling of a business situation.

Ron Rokosz, the President of Brink's International was both pleased and distressed as he reviewed the financial results of International operations for fiscal 2006. Revenue had increased by 14% to $1,568.6M, driven by strong gains in both EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and LA (Latin America). In addition, operating profit in International was up by 68%. (Exhibit 1)

On the downside, revenue in the AP (Asian Pacific) region decreased by 6%, primarily due to a loss of a key customer in Australia. However Rokosz was more concerned that revenue in AP represented only 3% of Brink's total revenues and 4.6% of Brink's International revenues. Rokosz reflected on the fact that Brink's had truly become a global company with 66% of its 2006 revenues coming from operations outside of North America. However he knew that in order for Brink's to become a true global power, it must establish a stronger presence in the AP region. The question was how, where and when to do this.