Critique of the Bias-of-Crowds Model Simply Restates the Model: Reply to Connor and Evers (2020).




Millions of people have taken an implicit test of racial bias, and the majority have displayed a preference for White people over Black people. What does it mean? The most common interpretation is that those who show such a preference are biased people and that they have an attitude, whether they explicitly acknowledge it or not, that favors White people over Black people. An alternative interpretation is that when people display a racial bias on an implicit test, it reflects the social environment they are in. It could be both. The lesson drawn from this research is important, because it bears not only on scientific theories of prejudice and discrimination but also on policy decisions about the best ways to eliminate racial disparities. Do we target individuals and try to change their attitudes? Or do we focus on social environments and the systems that impersonally preserve inequality?

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