Lifetimes of prolate intruder states in 186Pb and oblate intruder states in 194Po have been determined by employing, for the first time, the recoil-decay tagging technique in recoil distance Doppler-shift lifetime measurements. In addition, lifetime measurements of prolate states in 188Pb up to the 8+state were carried out using the recoil-gating method. The B(E2) values have been deduced from which deformation parameters lβ2l = 0.29(5) and lβ2l = 0.17(3) for the prolate and the oblate bands, respectively, have been extracted. The results also shed new light on the mixing between different shapes.

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Copyright © 2010 The American Physical Society. This article first appeared in Physical Review Letters 97, no. 6 (August 7, 2006): 062501: 1-62501: 4. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.97.062501.

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