Recently, a set of nine nonmagic nuclei with anomalous values of the B(E2) ratio B4/2B(E2; 4+1 → 2+1)/B(E2; 2+1 → 0+1) were identified. Such values are outside the range allowed by current collective models. In the present work, the B(E2; 4+1 → 2+1) values for two of these nuclei, 98Ru and 180Pt, were re-measured to determine if the current literature values for these nuclei are correct. 98Ru was studied in a 27Al(98Ru,98Ru) Coulomb excitation experiment in inverse kinematics, while the lifetime of the 4+1 state in 180Pt was measured in a 122Sn(62Ni, 4n)180Pt recoil distance method (RDM) experiment. For both nuclei, the remeasured B4/2 values are well above 1, removing the deviations from collective models.

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