Excited states in 166Hf were populated in the β+/∈ decay of 166Ta and studied through off-beam γ –ray spectroscopy at the Yale moving tape collector. New coincidence data found no support for two previously reported excited 0+ states and led to a substantially revised level scheme. Similarities between the revised level scheme of 166Hf and the X(5) critical point symmetry are discussed, and the extent of X(5) behavior in this mass region is explored through the W and Os isotopes. Among X(5) candidates with N > 90, good agreement is observed for most energies and interband B(E2) strengths, while all exhibit similar disagreements with other key observables, in particular, yrast B(E2) values and spacing in the excited K = 0+ sequence.

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Copyright © 2005 The American Physical Society. This article first appeared in Physical Review C 71, no. 2 (February 22, 2005): 024309-1-24309-9. doi:10.1103/PhysRevC.71.024309.

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