The CLAS12 Silicon Vertex Tracker




For the 12 GeV upgrade of Jefferson Laboratory, a Silicon Vertex Tracker (SVT) has been designed for theCLAS12 spectrometer using single-sided microstrip sensors fabricated by Hamamatsu Photonics. The sensors have a graded angle design to minimize dead areas and a readout pitch of156 μm, with intermediate strips. Each double-sided SVT module hosts three daisy-chained sensors on each side with a full strip length of33 cm. There are 512 channels per module, read out by four Fermilab Silicon Strip Readout (FSSR2) chips, featuring data-driven architecture, mounted on a rigid–flex hybrid board. The modules are assembled in a barrel configuration using a unique cantilevered geometry to minimize the amount of material in the tracking volume. This paper is focused on the design, qualification of the performance, and experience in operating and commissioning the tracker during the first year of the data taking.

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