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In 1518, Le Penser de royal memoire was published in Paris by Guillaume Michel de Tours.2Thanks to the pioneering research conducted by Anne-Marie Lecoq in her monumental book Francois Ier imaginaire, this allegorical text has recently caught the attention of scholars as part of an important moral and political literary production that was published under the reign of King Francis I (r. 1515-1547). Lecoq's study and subsequent works, such as the critical edition of Jean Thenaud's Triomphe des Vertus by Titia Schuurs-Janssen, shed new light on the literature of propaganda addressed to Francis I, the king who traditionally embodies, in France, the Renaissance itself In particular we have become more and more conscious of the fact that a significant portion of these texts, in addition to praising the king and defending his policies, ardently preach the crusade.3 For a long time, there was a tendency simply to put aside and forget such seemingly fervently compositions, as if they did not belong to the Renaissance period.

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