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This fourth volume in the Inter-Lit series produced by the Stiftung Frauen-Literatur- Forschung is a collection of 18 papers from a literary studies conference held at the Universität Bremen in fall 2000. The essays examine women writers from different generations: those who were established authors prior to 1933 and whose careers were interrupted by the Third Reich, those who continued writing during the 12 years of Nazi rule, and those of a younger generation who saw the end of the war as an opportunity to break into the literary market. Although the title of the volume seems to promise a review of women's literature from all four German-speaking areas, Swiss authors are not addressed. In their brief introduction, the editors summarize the central questions that inspired the conference: how did the transformation of women's professional and private lives during the war carry over into the immediate postwar period? Specifically, what was the experience of women writers during the first years of reconstruction from 1945-1950? Why did their careers evolve as they did? How did their language differ from that of male writers? Can one speak of an écriture feminine during this period?

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