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Rose Ausländer was born Rosalie Beatrice Scherzer on 11 May 1901 into a German-speaking Jewish family. She spent her childhood in Czernowitz, the capital of Bukovina, a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After World War I, Bukovina was incorporated into Romania, and at the end of World War II was annexed by the Soviet Union. Rosalie Scherzer studied literature and philosophy at the university in Czernowitz but never completed a degree, largely because of the family's poverty after her father's death in 1920. To help alleviate this economic situation, she emigrated to the United States in 1921 with lgnaz Ausländer. The pair settled initially in Minnesota, then moved to New York City, where they married in 1923. The marriage was short-lived: they separated in 1926 and divorced in 1930.

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