The Messenger (archival - 1870-)

Volume 40, Number 3 (1913) The Messenger, Vol. 40, No. 3

Complete Issue

The Messenger

December, 1913

Vol. 40, No. 3

Board of Editors
J. A. George, Editor.
W. V. Hawkins, Assistant Editor.
Prof. J. C. Metcalf, Advisory Editor.
Associate Editors:
Mu Sigma Rho.
H. D. Coghill, Short Stories.
A. L. Jones, ’14, Exchanges.
D. S. McCarthy, ’14, Essays.
A. B. Carter, Alumni.
F. S. Harwood, ’14, Campus Notes.
A. R. Crabtree, Poems.
Miss Louise Baldwin, Special Assistant Editor.
Brook Anderson, Athletics.
W. T. Halstead, ’14, Business Manager.
R. E. Biscoe, ’14, Assistant Business Manager.
Mu Sigma Rho.