The Messenger (archival - 1870-)

Richmond College’s first student publication, Monthly Musings, was the precursor to The Messenger. Jointly sponsored by the two campus literary societies, the Philologian and Mu Sigma Rho, it served as a “mirror of college life and the exponent of college thought.” In 1878 the name was changed to The Messenger and continued as a literary magazine and miscellany. Archival issues of both Monthly Musings and The Messenger are presented here.

Current Issue: Volume 46, Number 3 (1919) The Messenger, Vol. 46, No. 3

Complete Issue

The Messenger

December, 1919

Vol. 46, No. 3

Richmond College Department.
J. L. Lane, ’20, Editor-in-Chief.
H. R. Holland, ’20, Assistant Editor.
Chas. F. Leek, ’22, Business Manager.
W. R. Loving, ’22, Assistant Business Manager.
Associate Editors.
Mu Sigma Rho.
S. P. Spratt
E. B. Willingham
V. C. Hargroves
A. B. Cook
W. M. Pettus
W. E. Hatcher, Jr.
Westhampton College Department.
Editor, Jewffries Heinrich
Assistant Editor, Anna McHalpin
Business Manager, Marie Crowder
Assistant Business Manager, Stella Hubbard