Ross Gore

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Technical Report

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Creating and modifying the dynamic animation sequences within the TGT_Toolkit is not for the faint of heart. This report contains advice, guidelines and refers to an example of how I went about constructing the dynamic animation sequences within the Linked Lists Tutorial. I have identified three major areas of that seem to be common to all dynamic animation sequences, but distinct from simply extending TGT_Slide as most other slides do; these areas are: dynamically creating animation configurations, providing "undo" and slide saving functionality and sequencing saved slides once they are properly configured. In these areas "slide saving" and "saved slides" individual steps that make up an animation sequence as opposed to a TGT_Slide instance. The TGT_AnimatorBox is not necessarily a dynamic animation tool. In normal use, TGT_Animator Box follows a fixed sequence of instructions from a configuration file that moves the images around the screen. We chose to extend this functionality because we felt static animation significantly limited user interaction.


Copyright © 2003, Ross Gore, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia.

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