An Interactive Tool for Exploring Score-Aligned Performances: Opportunities for Enhanced Music Engagement




Music scholars and enthusiasts have long been engaged with both performance recordings and musical scores, but inconveniently, these two closely connected mediums are usually stored separately. Currently, digital music libraries tend to have fairly traditional user interfaces for browsing music recordings, and more importantly, performance recordings are organized separately from their musical scores. In recent years, however, the same technological advances that have made vast troves of sound recordings and musical scores more widely available have also created tremendous potential for innovative new interfaces that can facilitate enhanced engagement with the music. In this paper, we present a web-based prototype tool that allows users to navigate classical piano recordings interactively in conjunction with their scores. We describe the technologies involved, and provide access to the actual website. Our pilot testing results are very positive, confirming the usefulness and potential of such a tool, especially in the areas of music education and scholarly research. We also discuss future development of this prototype.

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