Rethinking the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Light of COVID-19.




Viewing the Pandemic as an Opportunity

During the spring of 2020, COVID-19 prompted the non- profit Bill McCallum cofounded, Illustrative Mathematics (IM), to put considerable energy into developing resources for K–12 teachers using the IM curriculum in all the different combinations of in-person, virtual, synchronous, and asynchronous that schools have implemented. It began to dawn on Bill and his colleagues that amid all the chaos and anxiety there were real opportunities to rethink the teaching and learning of mathematics. We wondered about this at the collegiate level. For this article, Bill interviewed colleagues at the large public institution where he formerly served on the faculty, and Della Dumbaugh drew from her work at a small private institution, particularly her success with oral exams, to explore the lessons learned for mathematics teaching at the collegiate level.

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