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Spring 1955

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Master of Arts




This paper is an attempt to bring together unrelated facts concerning the history or Buckingham County, Virginia. lt is sincerely hoped that one may find the way of life of the early settlers and that this brief history can account (1700-1850), will relate the story or typical Americans in their struggle to establish a foundation that time has tested and found solid.

Buckingham County, in the heart of Virginia is one of the most fascinating counties of the Commonwealth. There are three different possibilities from which the county could have received its name. The most prominent idea is that it was named for Buckinghamshire England. Another possibility is that it received its name from a small stream which was once on the lands of Archibald Cary called Buck River. However, the most valid possibility is that the county of Buckingham received its name from the Duke or Buckingham. The latter possibility receives its weight of validity due to the fact that counties of Colonial Virginia were named for royalty.