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Master of Arts



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Dr. David W. Towle

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Dr. William S. Woolcott

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Dr. Francis B. Leftwich


The DDT inhibition of (Na+, K+) - activated ATPase in gill preparations of the euryhaline teleost, Fundulus heteroclitus, was measured. The (Na+, K+) -activated ATPase was found to be sensitive to DDT, with 74.6% of the enzyme's specific activity inhibited by 20 ppm DDT. The (Mg++)-activated ATPase was also sensitive to inhibition bv DDT but not to the extent of the (Na+, K+) - activat ed ATPase . Due to previous work which showed that DDT antagonized valinomycin-induced K+ conductance in a synthetic membrane, the effect of K+ on DDT inhibition was examined kinetically. The Km for K+ in gill preparations treated with 5 ppm DDT was greater than the Km of the control, indicating t hat DDT inhibition of (Na+, K+)-activated ATPase involves alteration of the affinity of the enzyme for K+.

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