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Master of Science



First Advisor

Dr. Willie M. Reams

Second Advisor

Dr. William S. Woolcott

Third Advisor

Dr. Francis B. Leftwich


It has been recognized that hyperpigmentation of the skin is the result of eliminating the. -SH inhibition when treatment is by x-irraidiation. The results of a. study by fieams and Schaeffer indicate : a progressive increase of melanocytes in the skin with an increasing dosage of x-irradiation. However, it was also noted that the effect of x-irradiatin on the gastrocnemius of the PET mouse resulted in a decrease in the number of intramuscular melanocytes. The present study was designed to determine whether the changes in the x-irradiated muscle is related to possible changes in -SH concentration.The technique employed is a quantitative measurement of moles ~SH by azo-aryl mercaptide coupling in the normal and the x-irradiated muscles.

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Biology Commons