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Master of Arts



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Dr. Edward H. Tiller


This study investigated the effects of rules and instructions, consultant feedback, and self-monitoring on teacher approval, disapproval, and student on-task behavior. Data was collected during a consulting period, measuring changes when the consultant was present, and during a non-consulting period, assessing whether similar changes occurred with the consultant absent. Three elementary teachers who exhibited more verbal disapproval than approval participated. On-task data was collected on three randomly selected students in each classroom. Following baseline, the teachers set classroom rules and were instructed to increase their approval and decrease disapproval. During the consulting period of the feedback phase, the consultant provided feedback every five minutes to the teacher on the frequency of her approvals and disapprovals. The teachers counted their approvals on a wrist counter during both periods of the self-monitoring phase and continued receiving feedback during the consulting period. Follow-up data was collected after the fourth phase.

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