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Professor Whitehead is a Realist. Realism holds that some or all known objects do not depend on the mind for existence. It ls possible that objects exist without being known. Space and time, energy, matter, plant world, and values may exist independent of a mind. He is not a materialist nor an idealist. Not a materialist for he has thrown away the Newtonian physics nor an idealist for he states that minds are concrete events existing in space and time. There is much of Plato and Aristotle in his philosophy. He has also been greatly influenced by Bertrand Russell, who worked with him in Principia Mathematica and by S. Alexander, another Realist.

In the writing of this paper I wish to make three main divisions. First, the development of Whitehead's metaphysics; second, his concept of God. and thirdly and finally, the contrast and comparison of the religious ideas of Whitehead to the traditional Christian thought.

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