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The student activities program ot the modern secondary school is designed to meet the following needs of adolescents: (1) curiosity, (2) desire to travel, (3) imitation, (4) gregariousness, (5) loyalty, (6) love of approbation, (7) sympathy, and (8) love of mastery. Many of these characteristics are not met in a purely academic environment, so most, it not all, public schools provide a student activities program to complement the academic program of the school.

Statement of the problem. The measure of success of student activities may be considered in terms of student response. The problem centers around the student activities of Jefferson Davis Junior High School, Hampton, Virginia. The questions considered are: (1) Are the various organizations meeting the needs of youth? (2) Is the organization's membership sufficient to do an effective Job? (3) Do the goals of the group have educational merit? and (4) Does the organization contribute to the total educational effort of the school?

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