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Master of Science



First Advisor

Dr. Edward F. Overton

Second Advisor

Dr. Edward C. Peple

Third Advisor

Dr. Larry D. Flora


Statement of the problem. The purposes to this study are (1) to determine what percentage of the teachers employed in the intermediate and senior high schools in Chesterfield County, Virginia, are engaged in supplementary employment; (2) to determine whether those holding supplementary Jobs reel there is a significant effect on one's ability to accomplish the activities associated with the regular Job; (3) to determine the percentage or individuals engaged in supplementary Jobs who have endeavored to grow professionally during the year; (4) to classify groups relative to those studied as to

(a) age

(b) sex

(c) number of dependents

(d) marital status

(e) salary

(f) need for supplementary employment

(g) type of employment

(h) summer vs. regular term supplementary employment

(i) teaching experience

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