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Spring 1954

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Very little has been published concerning the molluscan fauna of Virginia, this being also true for the area under consideration. A preliminary list of the Mollusca of Hanover County was published by J.B.Burch (1952) in which twenty-five species and subspecies of land snails were reported. Several of the land Mollusca of Henrico and Chesterfield Counties were listed by P.R. Burch (1950). These included the snails Discus patulus Deshayes, Haplotrema concavum (Say), Mesodon thyroidus (Say), Stenotrema hirsutum (Say), Triodopsis Fallax (Say), and Ventridens = (zonitoides) arboreus (Say). Two additional species, Helicodiscus parallelus (Say) and Retinella indentata (Say), were reported by personal communication. Triodopsis obsoleta .= (Triodopsis hopetonensis obsoleta) (Pilsbry) was reported by Hubricht (1953) as being an introduced form in Richmond but specimens have not been found in the present study. Pilsy (1939-48) does not list any snails from the area dealt with here.