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Spring 1931

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Master of Science




If the family is a fundamentally important factor in the economic, political, and social life of the nations of the West, much more i it in that of the nations of the Far East, China, Japan and Korea. Individualism as we know 1t in the West has had very little recognition there until very recent times. But every individual in all phases of' life was very· closely geared into the unit of the family, and all his thought and actions were determined by his relation to that unit. In this conception, China had set the pattern through hoary centuries of time, which Korea, and finally Japan, copied and followed somewhat slavishly. The purpose of this thesis is to show something of the structure, customs, and manner of living of the family in Old Korea, and to note some of the changes that are being brought about in the family pattern and life of many of the people now living in the New Chosen.

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