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Spring 1954

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Master of Science



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Dr. Edward F. Overton


Frequently, someone has remarked of another, "He is a born leader." Such a statement has been a prevailing sentiment or many past generations rather than a fact supported by established proof. Scientists have long recognized the importance of environment as well as heredity in shaping the individual personality. However, environment has more frequently than not been considered to consist of the influence of personalities on an individual to the exclusion of other important factors which, until very recently were given little consideration.

Earlier studies of leadership have been concerned with qualities inherent in certain individuals. Scientists have been able, by carefully designed tests, to help in identifying people who possess qualities or traits generally found in leaders. Among the so called "traits" have been integrity, independence, originality, creative imagination, vitality, forcefulness, warmth, poise, stability, intelligence, self-confidence, finality, speed of decision, initiative, and insight.

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