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The present study examines relationships among several cognitive orientations of sons and fathers as well as sons' participation in sport and perception of the influences of others in sport. The subjects, 80 boys enrolled in fifth through twelfth grades, and their fathers completed the Short Bem Sex Role Inventory (Bem, 1981), the Sport Value Orientation scale (McElroy, 1983), and the Orientation Toward Winning scale (Kidd & Woodman, 1975). The sons' perceptions of who influences them the most in sport, and the sons' participation in sport were also assessed. The results imply that fathers who have a strong Orientation Toward Winning have sons who rate high in masculinity in their sex role orientation and tend to play sports on a regular basis. Sons who have a high Orientation Toward Winning play sports on a regular basis and have fathers who score high in masculinity in their sex role orientations. Sons who score high in femininity on the Short BSRI rate low on their Orientation Toward Winning. The Short BSRI femininity scores for fathers and sons were positively correlated.

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