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Upstate New York, a term commonly used to denote that area outside the environs of Metropolitan New York City, could have boasted of many favorite sons over the years. A current example, Kenneth B. Keating, is the topic of this survey.

Essentially this work was meant as a record of characteristic legislative commitments made by the Congressman relative to domestic concerns during his years of service in the House of Representatives. However, since the initial efforts were motivated by the author's interest in discovering the basis for Mr. Keating's continuing success at the polls, it was determined that the actual records, objectively transferred from the primary sources of Congress, would not serve this purpose adequately.

Therefore, the approach which has been utilized is characterized by a concentration, not specifically on the total and actual record, but rather on those portions of the record which seemed to have been most exposed to the general Rochester public. Of necessity, therefore, reliance has been placed not only on the records of Congress and related materials, but also in large measure upon Rochester area news publications which by their intrinsic nature offered considerable aid in constructing, focusing and perpetrating that public image.

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