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Due to the fact that many of the public high schools of Virginia have introduced into their curriculum a driver education and safety education program in recent years, this thesis proposes that it is necessary for a review of the developments, and a direct evaluation of the results of this program on the safety and traffic records of the state of Virginia.

This thesis summarizes the general progress and development of the driver education program of Virginia's public schools in recent years. The development is presented in Chapter II. The history of the program is brief, but briefness does not necessarily indicate a lack of progress in this case. The rapid growth of the program is an indication of its importance in today's fast growing automobile driving society.

This thesis presents an evaluation of the results of the driver education program. This evaluation is not meant to cover the program itself, such as the teacher training, the methods of teaching or the materials used in the classroom. It is devoted to the direct effect of the program on the driving records of the students who have completed all or part of the program. It compares the records of those trained by the program with the records of people not trained by the program.

The study evaluated the driving performance of 14,286 students in the 15 through 20 age group who have been trained under all or part of the program in the years 1949 through 1953, Chapter III will present the procedures of the evaluation research.

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