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The geographical distribution of Pedilanthus tithymaloides is variously listed as Tropical America (Engler, 1919); from Florida to Venezuela (Taylor, 1936); and Caribbean America (Dressler, 1957). Because of its use as an ornamental, the plant is also found in Mexico, China and Java (Dressler, 1957); Hawaii (Degener. 1940); and Bermuda (Britton, 1918). Banerji (1951) and Rao (1956) have worked with fresh hedge material from India. White et al (1941) report that the species is found growing on the graves of natives in Zululand and Rhodesis, and acknowledge that the introduction "from American into the native kraals is a mystery."

The present interest in the geographical distribution of the plant relates to its modifications for a xeric habitat. Dressler (1957) describes the species as a "moderately succulent xerophytic" and correlates vessel diameter of the stem with the habitat and relatively higher requirement for rapid water conduction.

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