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Master of Human Resource Mgt


Human Resource Management

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Dr. Robert Kelley


The topic of paramilitary policing within a police academy has been an exceedingly controversial topic within the Henrico County Division of Police. This study was completed to answer this research question: What is the perceived impact of paramilitary training on police recruit performance?

The controversy lies between a paramilitary structure of police recruit training and the current style of academy provided by Henrico County Division of Police. This study sought the opinions of police officers assigned to Uniform Patrol. The author wanted to reveal the style of police recruit training desired by current police officers to the Chief of Police and his Command Staff. Research exploring this topic was conducted through surveys and interviews.

This research provided evidence that a majority of Henrico County police officers are in favor of a paramilitary style academy. The officers also agreed in using physical fitness as a means of punishment. A paramilitary academy will not breach the content taught in the academy, but it will increase self-confidence and discipline within police recruits. These efforts are conducted to create reputable, professional police officers.