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The purpose of this study is to present a clear and accurate history of education in Middlesex County from 1669 to 1891. The account is complete in so far as available material has made it possible.

The material presented in this thesis is an original investigation in that the information was secured, largely, from primary sources. This represents the first earnest effort to write a complete and detailed account of the development of education in Middlesex County. The facts were secured by diligent search through court records, legal documents, School Commissioners' reports, State School reports, contemporary histories, magazine articles and from information given by older people of the county.

In spite of the fact that Middlesex has splendid records covering long periods of years, the method of reporting changed from time to time and this made it impossible to complete Tables II and IV. If school reports were made during the period just prior and during the War Between the States, they were not found by the writer.

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