Date of Award

Summer 1952

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Master of Science



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Dr. Edward F. Overton


For many years the planes of projection have been for­ gotten or ignored by many teachers in the teaching of mechan­ ical drawing in the high schools. The reasons suggested by those teachers who do not use the planes of projection in their teaching have been based upon their observations and conclusions, and in no instance which the writer has discover­ ed has experimental evidence been presented to support these contentions.

It is the purpose of this study to determine the value of the use of the projection planes in the teaching of high school mechanical drawing. A relative comparison of this teaching method was made with modern teaching methods now in use by many mechanical drawing teachers. Two control groups were used; one group was taught mechanical drawing using the planes of projection, whereas the other group was taught by a method not using the planes of projection. The problem was. "What is the difference in achievement of pupils in high school mechanical drawing, when some are taught using the planes of projection, and others are taught not using the planes of projection?"

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