Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. John W. Outland

Second Advisor

Dr. Sheila H. Carapico

Third Advisor

Dr. Jimmy D. Kandeh


WORLD COMMUNITY BUILDING THROUGH INTERNATIONAL BANKING: THE CREATION OF AN INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE ON WORLD BANKING AND WORLD COMMUNITY, by Peter Ward McCabe, B.A., University of Richmond, 1986. A thesis submitted to the Graduate faculty of the University of Richmond in Candidacy for the degree of Master of Arts in Political Science. Presented January 1992, under the direction of Dr. John W. Outland.

The Thesis proposes a means by which a world community may eventually be built. The problems facing the development of a world community are many; they include cultural differences, politics, religion, fear and greed, only to name a few. The point of this thesis is to argue that best possible option available to the world for building a world community can be found in economics. An economic solution is thus offered.

The proposal is for the creation of an International Committee on World Banking and World Community. It would direct the world's economic resources for the more productive use of all resources, both human and natural, in moving the world towards integration and community. The structure and operation of this Committee are presented.

The historical and case study methods are employed for building the strength of the economic argument and for promoting the viability of the Committee (the International Banking Community, IBC, the Committee's descriptive yet short name). This method allows for the formulation of the argument, the plan, and the theoretical advantages of the proposal. The conclusion of the thesis is that the best chance of creating a world community can be achieved through an international committee on world banking.